For the past several years, courts have ruled in favor of equal or joint custody for couples with children. However, there is no standardization of guidelines for decisions on custody disputes. This means that it is difficult to determine what factors will be important on a case-by-case basis, and it is also difficult to evaluate the transparency of a court's decision making process.


When a marriage is in trouble, protecting your assets and ensuring your rights in the case of divorce can be challenging. The Matrimonial Cases Act (1999) addresses how cases should be decided, outlines procedures for distribution of assets in the case of separation and/or dissolution, and when necessary may require financial support to be extended to either spouse.

What is matrimonial case?

A matrimonial case is a court proceeding to terminate the marriage and resolve other issues arising out of the marital relationship.

Matrimonial case law refers to all the legal judgments on family law matters that are applicable within the country. The term matrimonial case law is used in contrast to judicial precedent .

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